Locking or Unlocking Elements

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You can lock or unlock any element.  Locking an element prevents any changes to the element.  This prevents unintentional changes to the element when manipulating other nearby elements.  Once the location and dimensions of an element have been determined, it’s a good idea to lock it.

  1. 1)Tap the lock icon.

  1. 2)Tap any element to lock or unlock it.  If an element is unlocked its highlight color will change to red indicating that the element is now locked.

  1. 3)Tapping the lock icon followed by a red element unlocks it.  Unlocked elements that are selected have a green highlight.

  1. 4)Locked elements cannot be moved or adjusted directly, but they can change if an associated element, like a connecting wall, changes.  A locked element cannot be deleted.

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