The Joystick Tool


The joystick tool allows you to nudge or rotate a selected element.  It is a very useful tool to nudge or rotate elements with precision without having to enter numerical values.  The selected element is always highlighted in green.

  1. 1)Tap the JOYSTICK icon.  The joystick tool will appear only if an element is selected.

  1. 2)Drag the outer ring of the joystick to rotate the element.

  1. 3)Tap the arrows to move the element by one pixel.

  1. 4)Holding down on any of the arrow icons will move an element repeatedly.

  1. 5)Tapping the red X at the center of the joystick will remove the joystick from the canvas and return you to the SELECT mode.

  1. 6)You may switch to a different element while in joystick mode.  Simply select a different element by tapping it.

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