How to Draw Freeshapes


Freeshapes are very similar to freehand elements but instead of drawing curved, freeform shapes, freeshapes are designed to draw straight-lined, primarily rectilinear shapes.

They are prefect for drawing rectangles as a single object.

PadCAD considers any shape you draw with the freeshape tool be a single object - that is the tools main advantage.

The downside is that a freeshape, once drawn, can not be edited beyond its position, rotation and line thickness.

To draw a freeshape:

  1. 1)Double click the FREEHAND icon.

  1. 2)Select from one of three FREESHAPE line thicknesses toward the bottom of the screen.

  1. 3)Start drawing a straight line without lifting your finger.

  1. 4)Once you have the length of line you desire, hold your finger down for 1 second to confirm.  A beep will register your confirmation.

  1. 5)Draw another straight line in the same manor as described above.  Keep making straight lines until you end up with they shape you desire.

  1. 6)Once you’re finished drawing the shape you want, lift your finger.  The finished shape will be one continuous shape.

  1. 7)To edit the line thickness of the freeshape, tap the SELECT icon, then double click the shape to display its attributes panel.

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