File Sharing (Using iTunes)

Copyright Plugworks Inc, 2014

If your tablet is an iPad, you may transfer any PadCAD drawing or symbol to or from your tablet and computer.  Drawings have the “.padcad” extension in their name and symbols have the “.padsym” extension in their name.   These extensions are required for PadCAD to operate properly.  The file sharing panel is located under the Apps menu item within iTunes.

  1. 1)Attach your tablet to your computer.

  1. 2)Launch iTunes.

  1. 3)Select your device from the left side panel.  Once selected, tap the Apps button toward the top of the window.  The Apps panel will be displayed.

  1. 4)Toward the bottom of the panel will be the file sharing sub-panel.  Click the PadCAD (or PadCAD Lite) icon.  In the panel toward the right will be displayed all the files you can transfer from your tablet to your PC.

  1. 5)Choose the file you wish to transfer, then click the “Save to...” button toward the lower right side of the panel to complete the transfer.