Creating Custom Symbols

Copyright Plugworks Inc, 2014
  1. 1)To create a custom symbol, start with a blank sheet.

  1. 2)Using lines, walls & freehand shapes draw your custom symbol.

  1. 3)Once you’re done, double tap the SYMBOL icon             to see the symbols panel.

  1. 4)Tap the CUSTOM radio button toward the top right side of the panel.

  1. 5)Tap one of the empty slots.  You will be asked to name the symbol.

  1. 6)A new symbol will be created from the elements you drew.

  1. 7)Most elements, like walls, lines and freehand shapes can be used to create symbols.  Text and other fixed symbols such as doors, windows or furniture can not be used.

  1. 8)Your original elements will not be altered.

  1. 9)An icon of the newly created symbol will appear in the empty slot.

  1. 10) Custom symbols can be incorporated into other custom symbols, allowing you to build complex custom symbols from other, simpler custom symbols.

  1. 11) A custom symbol, once created, is automatically saved to your tablet’s memory and is available to you at any time, on any drawing.  Symbols are saved with a .padsym extension.

  1. 12)A custom symbol can be deleted by taping the red X button next to it.