How to Draw Walls, Lines & Circles

  1. 1)Tap the WALL icon.

  1. 2)Drag one finger across the canvas.

  1. 3)While drawing, the length of the wall will be displayed.  To change the thickness of the wall, tap the SELECT button first, then double tap the wall to see the attributes of the wall.  From here you can change the thickness of the wall or any of the other attributes.

  1. 4)In general, if you double tap any element (door, window, etc.) you will see the attributes of that element and are able to change those attributes using numeric values.  This method is an excellent way to enter precise information rather than relying on finger gestures.

  1. 5)If you double tap the WALL icon, you will see several other options including lines, dashed lines, arcs and circles.

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