How to Load Drawings

Copyright Plugworks Inc, 2014
  1. 1)Tapping the LOAD button from the preferences panel will display the load file panel, listing all your drawings currently saved on your tablet’s memory.

  1. 2)Select one of the drawings by tapping it, then tap the LOAD button to load it.

  1. 3)From this panel you can also rename or delete any of your drawings from your tablet’s memory. Simply tap the corresponding RENAME or DELETE button to rename or delete a drawing.

  1. 4) The REMOTE button is for inspecting and loading files you may have saved to our servers from a previous version of PadCAD.

  1. 5)WARNING: We no longer support the saving of files to our servers and this button will be deprecated in future versions of PadCAD.  All drawing files will be deleted from our servers on January 1, 2014.  Please remove any drawing you need from our servers before this date.