Instructions for PadCAD

Adjusting the Default Wall Thickness
How to Save Drawings
Zooming In and Out
Selecting, Moving & Rotating Elements
How to Draw Walls, Lines and Circles
How to Draw Rectangular Rooms, Square Footages or Stairs
How to Draw Dimensions
How to Draw Doors & Windows
How to Insert Text
The Joystick Tool
Taking Pictures
Locking or Unlocking Elements
Copying Elements
How to Undo or Redo Actions
Adjusting the Attributes of an Element
The Numeric Keypad
How to Delete Elements
Merging and Unmerging Points
Attaching Elements and End-Points
Creating Custom Symbols
Snapping to Elements or to the Grid
Moving the Entire Drawing
How to Draw Stairs

Creating Elements

Editing Elements

The Preferences Panel

Sheet Size
File Sharing (Using iTunes)
Adjusting a Drawing’s Scale
Your PadCAD user ID
Adjusting the Color of the Background
Adjusting a Drawing’s Units
Adjusting the Default Grid Size
How to Clone Drawings
How to Load Drawings
How to Export Drawings
How to Create New Drawings
The Preferences Panel
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How to Draw Freeshapes